Fairexx Event Logistics

Fairexx Event Logistics specialises in delivering international event transport management from initial concept through to delivery. We understand the needs of event planners and exhibition organisers from the pressure of deadlines to the need for strategic planning.  We have worked closely with many event management companies and provided logistics solutions for a wide range of activities from corporate functions to concerts featuring international celebrities. Efficient Event logistics management is critical to your success and our experts will guide you every step of your journey from the first time we meet to when - after your successful event - we will be there to wish you a safe journey home. 

Our approach is to always ensure that the event logistics process is carried out in a series of straightforward, well-planned and manageable steps.  We are familiar with many of the major venues across Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East and have considerable coordination experience delivering corporate event services. Fairexx has a shipping and communications network that spans the continents from Europe, through the Middle East and into Africa and even Australasia.

Fairexx Event Logistics specialises in corporate events, exhibitions, live shows, trade shows, music festivals, fashion spectaculars and international conferences.

The Fairexx event logistics process is focused on pragmatic, in-depth procedures and detailed management, planning and scheduling.  First we understand the logistics needs of our clients and their expectations and we apply our knowledge of the shipping and events logistics industry to ensure that their expectations are achieved.

Based in Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam and Köln (Cologne), both powerhouses of the German event industry, our company works extensively for clients in France Italy, Spain, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

We will collect from your designated location and, if needed, store your items until the event or exhibition takes place.  Materials are delivered directly to your event space ready for installation. When the event is over, Fairexx will repack your stand or rig, efficiently palletise your gear and transport it back to your location or our secure storage facility.

Fairexx is Event Logistics - globally!