What Makes Us Unique

International Service, Local Teams, Worldwide Operation

The best service with the best teams

At FAIREXX we believe that it is the interaction between well thought through technical support with well trained and highly motivated people that bring the best to the forefront in all we accomplish for our clients.

It has been said that we are a group of hobbyists’ and without knowing it our admirer has given us a wonderful compliment. We are a carefully nurtured, well knit team – bringing many years of team effort to the fore of what we do.

Logistics...this is our business, and we care very much about it success...and it is that caring which is something that is not always prevalent in today’s market.

Our passion in what we do ensures we always do our best by our clients.

We never over promise, we sometimes say no, and we never promise the moon. And if we say we will do something – we will do whatever is in our power to ensure that it is accomplished.

Honesty leads our ethos – if things do go a little off track – we are the first to recognise that plans have the habit of going astray – and when they do we are the first to tell our clients and the first with a sensible, thought-out solution as to how we will resolve the unforeseen challenge.

Shipping client’s equipment from one side of the world to another is fraught with many challenges and we are trusted by many to ensure that no matter what the issues are we will get the job done...by road, sea and air.